The Crucial Art of Choosing the Right Programming Languages, Frameworks, and Tools

The Crucial Art of Choosing the Right Programming Languages, Frameworks, and Tools
Which programming languages, frameworks, and tools should we use?

The question posed is perhaps one of the most pertinent inquiries to make when embarking on a new role or initiative. It addresses the cornerstone of software development and the very tools that enable us to create, shape, and mold our digital world.

Prerequisites for Selecting Technologies

An intelligent selection of a programming language, framework, or tool is one that aligns with certain crucial criteria. The technology should be user-friendly, facilitating streamlined development processes. Furthermore, the market should be saturated with professionals acquainted with the selected technology to ensure hiring ease. Lastly, it should be a cost-effective solution, keeping the project budget in check.

The Popularity Paradox

Undoubtedly, the popularity of a technology can be a tempting factor steering your decision. Yet, it's crucial to acknowledge that what's popular isn't necessarily the best option in all circumstances. For instance, React, the most popular Frontend framework, wasn't the optimal choice for us at Bravado. Our shift to Vue resulted in a dramatic increase in our development speed and a significant reduction in bugs.

The Collective Decision-making Approach

Decisions regarding technology use should not be autocratic. Instead, it should be a product of collective deliberation with your team. This collective involvement encourages diverse perspectives, leading to informed decisions.

The Myth of 'Hot' Technologies

The allure of 'hot' technologies can sway even the most discerning of professionals. However, transient popularity does not equate to long-term efficiency. Technologies like Elm, Haskell, and Mongo may have had their moments under the sun, but the mainstream traditional solutions have withstood the test of time, offering a more straightforward approach to handling various tasks.